Tuesday, September 29, 2015

23 Months Old

This is real life.  

My baby... my squishy, happy, goofy baby... is almost 2.

I know every parent talks about how quickly time flies when you have kids, but it's 100% true.  From meals to naptime to diapers to snack time to books to baby dolls to boo boo's to baths to play dates and errands to bedtime and then the teeniest tiniest bit of mommy & daddy time... hours seemingly fly before I've gotten a chance to retrieve my coffee from the microwave.

Some days are frustrating and never ending and other days are full of more blissful moments than my heart can handle.  Parenthood is the most rewarding thing I've ever done, and my greatest life accomplishment.  High highs and low lows.  Days I feel like I'm totally nailing it as a mom and days I feel like the worst mother in the world.  But nothing beats those highs.  The giggles, the innocence, the smiles, the high pitched chatter, the silly stories that make no sense but are still somehow the funniest thing you've ever heard.  

This tiny human manages to invade my heart like I never thought possible.  Even if she drives me nuts during the day, I still find myself looking at pictures and videos of her after she goes to sleep. Love is funny like that :)

According to the most recent collection of photos, we did a lot of cuddling this month!  

There's nothing quite like a freshly bathed baby :)

And a sweet mommy/daughters date at Suson Park:

You met your newest cousin Theodore and said goodbye to Uncle David:

You helped Grandma Peggy celebrate her birthday:

Play time...

Lots of sassiness & silliness...

Early morning wakeups...

And 1 messy cupcake :)

Happy 23 Months, Angel Face!

Mommy & Daddy

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Hailey's 4th Birthday Interview

Just like last year, I have been putting off writing this post.  Clearly, because your birthday was 3 months ago!

I did okay on your actual birthday... a little weepy that you are growing up... but for the most part, I felt proud of the sweet young lady you have become in the last year.  You've grown up so much.  You have intelligent things to say, you are thoughtful and caring, and you always look out for your sister (and not just when I tell you to).

You are slow, dainty, precise, and always have a thought-out plan for what should be done in any given situation.  Sometimes that drives me crazy because, as a mom, slowing down is not typically on my to-do list.  But you remind me daily that it should be.  I apologize for the times I ask you to hurry up.  I kick myself every time I say it because deep down I know you are not going slow because you're trying to anger me.  You have given me so much grace in this area.  You say, "it's ok, mommy, I forgive you."  Ugh.

I got a real kick in the pants a few weeks ago at just how old you are.  As we walked into your preschool building for the first time to meet your teacher, I totally welled up.  I'm not typically an emotional person, but wow, that was a shocker.  Walking you to your classroom and seeing your name up on the board... it's real.  After 4 years and 2 months at home with me every single day, you are finally going to school.  Yes, it's only preschool, yes it's only 3 half days per week, but it's a reminder of what's ahead.  Time away from me when I don't know what you're doing, I don't get to see your face when you accomplish something new, I don't get to watch you interact with other kids and make new friends.  I don't get to see if you are using your manners and keeping your hands to yourself.  I know school will be good for you.  You are so excited about it.  You are not the whining kid attached to her mommy's leg.  You literally ran into the classroom.  "Look mom!  they have DRESS UP here!  A BELLE DRESS!!!"  Come on teacher, can't I just sit in the corner each day and watch!?  I promise I'll be really quiet :)

In the past year you did complete your first full year of dance!  9 months of weekly classes plus recital.  And girlfriend, you LOVE to dance.  You dance for anyone, at any time, in any place.  A few weeks ago we received the recital DVD in the mail and we have watched it every single day.  And we don't just watch your dance, we watch every.single.dance.  I'm not allowed to skip over a.n.y of them. Not even the boring ballet dances ;)  Your second year of dance started a few weeks ago and I can't wait to see where this year takes us!

You are girly.  You are dramatic.  You love wearing "beautiful dresses", and you always request that I do your hair.  You love to find a "beautiful hair bow" to match each outfit.  You love stick-on earrings and loads of plastic jewelry.  You also love looking at yourself in the mirror and making dramatic happy/sad/silly faces.

You are not shy, you have no fears, and you have no problem separating from mommy & daddy.  Whether it's at dance,  MOPs, church, or the babysitting service at the gym, you love meeting new kids and playing with new toys.  You are genuinely excited about life.  I have learned so much from you I can't even explain it.

In all fairness if we are talking about your awesomeness, we should also talk about your not-so-awesome areas.  Girl, you still hate to eat.  I take that back.  You love to eat anything that is plain, cold, or raw.  And cookies.  All the cookies.  And graham crackers, which are basically just flat cookies.  But wow with the plain food.  Plain pasta, plain bread, or bread with just honey on it.  Raw, cold veggies.  The only cooked veggies you like are peas and green beans.  Cold cut up fruit.  NEVER any dips.  Nothing can touch.  Some chicken, but only the chicken - no breading.  And in the past few months you've eaten a couple hot dogs.  I consider that a big accomplishment.  Typical breakfast is bread with honey and some fruit, or oatmeal (plain with a little honey).  A go-to lunch would be PBJ, fruit, raw cut up peppers, and pretzels.  Dinner is always a question mark.  If I make pizza, you only eat the crust.  If I make "qdoba" you'll eat most everything - rice, black beans, avocado, tomato, peppers.  If I make veggie fried rice, just forget about it.  It's a battle that your daddy and I have been fighting with you since you were 15 months old, and we still have not conquered it.

On to the fun part!

Instead of me writing all of Hailey's favorite things from my memory, I think she's old enough for an interview.  Here it goes, straight from her mouth.... :

What is your name?  Hailey Buckner Rian
What else do I call you?  Hailey Bailey Bear
How old are you?  I am  4
What is your favorite color?  Pink & purple
What is your favorite animal?  Horse
What is your favorite number?  1
What do you want to be when you grow up?  I don't want to turn into anyone!  I want to be you, mommy!
Where is your favorite place that we go?  The park, the grocery store, and even my friends house!
Who are your best friends?  Kenzie,  Bree, Sophie (McKee), Collin, Keaton, Aunt Missy, Uncle Kyle... and Kailee!
What is your favorite game to play?  Matching game, fishie game, Anna & Elsa game, Candyland, and the Cherry game.
What is your favorite thing to do?  Kick the ball, play dollhouse, play soccer... and I dance and go to school!
What is your favorite thing to wear?  Clothes!  And a lee-do-tard (leotard).
What is your favorite book?  The Cheerio Book
What is your favorite TV show?  Dragon Tales
What is your favorite movie?  Sleeping Beauty
What is your favorite song?  Let it Go! (then she proceeded to sing the whole song...)
What is your favorite drink?  Milkie, apple juice, and water
What is your favorite breakfast food?  Strawberries, Cheerios, and raspberries
What is your least favorite food?  Blueberries
What is your favorite snack?  Chocolate bunnies and honey bunnies
What is your favorite dinner food?  Pasta, pizza... but just the crust.  I like raw dough.  And no scrambled eggs.
What is your favorite kind of ice cream?  Chocolate and vanilla with the wormies on top
What is your favorite toy?  The castle and characters.. like Sleeping Beauty and Little People.
What is your favorite thing to do outside?  Draw with chalk and pick flowers for you!  :)
What is your favorite holiday?  The fireworks one!  Is that the fourf of Jer-ly?
What is your favorite thing to sleep with?  My blankie, my Marie, my Minnie Mouses, Mickey Mouses, and my Hailey Bailey doll.
If you could go anywhere in the whole world where would you go?  The Ozarks.
Who do you like to spend time with?  Grandma and Grandpa, my dad and mom, my grandparents, my Mimi, my cousins, and Bree and Kenzie.
What is something you're really good at?  I'm good at putting on my shoes, folding the laundry and putting it into buckets.
What is something that makes you laugh?  Making a funny face
What are you afraid of?  Bats and darkness
What makes you sad?  When I get a booboo
What are you favorite things to learn about?  Being kind, respect, and the seasons
If you had one wish, what would you wish for?  Legos.
What is your favorite thing to do with your family?  Play together, sing together, the end.  John 3:16.  With liberty and justice for all.  (I can't make this stuff up, folks!)
Who would you like to meet that is famous?  Bree is really famous.  Is Sophie famous?
Are you going to get married someday?  Yes I am.  To Davison.  I'm marrying Davison.
Are you going to have babies someday?  Yes I am.  2 babies.  A boy baby and a girl baby.  Jeffrey and Ariella.
What do you know about Jesus?  He takes care of us, helps us, remembers us...  with liberty and justice for all.

And then I had her draw a self portrait:

So as you can probably tell, Hailey recently learned the Pledge of Allegiance at school!  She has been reciting it like cray around here.  I must say though I'm impressed with her ability to memorize so quickly!  And now for my favorite pictures of Hailey from the past few {9} months :)

First trip to the dentist!
Purple Pals
In love with this photo
Tiger Tots!!
Dress up with Kenzie
Practicing your selfie skills
Daddy Daughter Valentine's Dance

You love your cousin Kailee!

Dying Easter eggs in mommy's childhood art smock
Fam Pic, Easter 2015

You love making "birthday cakes" out of play doh

Mother's Day 2015
Sassy dancer poses at the zoo 
Curlers in - ready for recital!
Dress Rehearsal for your first recital!  I love this pic so much.

Daddy is so proud of you!
Sweet girl playing with your princesses
Daddy Daughter date to Grant's Farm

Happy 4th Birthday!!!

Cinderella Tea Party at the Magic House
4th Birthday Party!

Snuggles with Great Grandma Mary
Birthday Buddies!

Seeing Aristocats at Stages with your sweet buddy Sophie
Daddy's girls!

Family vacation in Branson, MO!
You did your first Build a Bear... Princess Bear :)
Looking precious at Table Rock Dam

Cousins doing what they do best...
Dress Up with Kenzie 
You used some birthday money to buy yourself this adorable outfit
Summer gymnastics!

Special treat at the mall with mommy!

Sports Camp at our church
Sports camp silliness with Kenzie
Just your average dress up outfit :)
Sweet sissies

Your first Muny show!  Beauty & the Beast
You LOVED it!

Where's Hailey?
You don't officially nap anymore, but every once in a while you pass out :)
First day of school EVER!  

First day of your 2nd year of dance!

I asked you to pose...

Loving on your brand new cousin Theo

Goodbye, Uncle David!  See you in 2 years!  :(
 Happy 4th Birthday, Baby Girl.  Your daddy and I can't wait to see what this next year has in store for you.  We love you more than words can say.

Mommy & Daddy