Sunday, December 13, 2009

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

Christmas is in the air!  Rian and I are having so much fun decorating our house for the holidays.  Luckily our house is small, because we haven't accumulated many decorations yet!  But we are very happy with how it's turned out.  Last weekend, we got our first tree - a real one of course!  Here are some photos of that experience:
We got it home in one piece!

We had to do a little tree surgery to get it into the stand...

We also got the lights put up!  Rian scared the daylights out of me up on that ladder...

This weekend we decorated the tree... I was surprised with how many ornaments we have between the two of us.  I think it looks nice!

Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving Weekend in Chicago

The day after Thanksgiving, my mom, dad, sister Melissa, brother in law Kyle, nephew Collin, Rian and I woke up bright and early to drive to Chicago to spend the weekend with my brother David and his fiancee Leslie.  We stayed at a really nice Hilton Garden Inn in Evanston (thanks to my Hilton discount!).  Friday night, we all headed downtown to see the Magnificent Mile all decked out for Christmas and to get some authentic deep dish pizza.  We went to Giordano's and were not surprised that the wait was 2 and a half hours!  For some strange reason, we decided to wait it out and do some shopping in the meantime.  We also tried to take Collin to see Santa, but sadly we missed him!  Our table was FINALLY ready (right at the 2.5 hour mark) and so we did get to enjoy some deep dish pizza at 9:00 at night!
Mom & Dad on the Train:

Collin loving Lego Land:

Rian and the Lego John Hancock Tower:

Rian at the Chicago River:

My adorable nephew all bundled up!

We spent most of Saturday at David and Leslie's place in Andersonville celebrating David's 30th birthday and also Thanksgiving round 2!  They prepared some amazing food... honestly the best turkey I have ever eaten.  David opened gifts, we all ate and drank way too much, and we played this really fun game called Apples to Apples for about  4 hours!  It was so great to spend some quality time with our family and Leslie's family.  We also got a night full of entertainment from 18 month old Collin!  Sunday, we went to breakfast at this adorable Swedish restaurant, and Leslie asked Melissa and I to be bridesmaids in their July 24, 2010 wedding, so we are very excited and honored that we will get to be a part of their big day next year!
Rian & I at David & Leslies:

Watching the birthday boy open gifts!

Collin & paw paw

Beautiful table & decorations!


Happy Birthday!!!!!

The newly engaged!

Collin & Linus = bffs

Baby on a bell cart!!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Buckner Bloggers

Rian doesn't know it yet... but we are officially a blogging family! I've seen so many different blogs that my friends and family have created, and I figured I should give it a shot! I think it's the best way to update our friends and family with whats happening in our lives, as well as create a journal for ourselves of our first year of marriage. I'm new at this... so be nice!