Sunday, December 13, 2009

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

Christmas is in the air!  Rian and I are having so much fun decorating our house for the holidays.  Luckily our house is small, because we haven't accumulated many decorations yet!  But we are very happy with how it's turned out.  Last weekend, we got our first tree - a real one of course!  Here are some photos of that experience:
We got it home in one piece!

We had to do a little tree surgery to get it into the stand...

We also got the lights put up!  Rian scared the daylights out of me up on that ladder...

This weekend we decorated the tree... I was surprised with how many ornaments we have between the two of us.  I think it looks nice!


  1. Angela - We had a fun visit with you and Rian this evening. Your tree is so nice and I especially like the beads and all the new sparkly ornaments. Of course all the OLD ornaments that are so familiar so very nice too! Thanks for the yummy "soft & chewy" cookies and the coffee and Baileys. You and Rian have made a lovely home for yourselves.

  2. I love your first Christmas tree. Not so crazy about the "Let it Snow" theme of your tree skirt. ha ha ha. Love Ya!