Sunday, September 22, 2013

8 Months Pregnant

Hailey has some serious picture-phobia lately.  Every time I get my phone out she says "No, don't take my picture, mommy!!!!!!!!"  :(  So we end up with pictures that look like the above.

Below is the 7-8 month comparison.  I'm not sure how much more this poor shirt can take.

Wanna see something REALLY depressing?  See below.

Yes.  I'm officially 8 full months pregnant.  My due date is a mere 29 days away, so we are in the home stretch for sure.  Today marks 35 weeks + 6 days pregnant.  And up until a couple weeks ago I was feeling pretty good.  But now I'm starting to swell a little in the feet/ankles/fingers and I'm just uncomfortable overall.  I was really sad when I had to ditch my wedding rings a few days ago :(

But as soon as I think about how awful I feel, I switch gears pretty quickly and remember that I get to meet this sweet face in 4 weeks or less!!!!!!!!

(Don't mind that spot over her right eye, that's just a hunk of umbilical cord)
Isn't she beautiful!?

As soon as I saw those cheeks and lips on the ultrasound screen I knew the picture was similar to one I already had framed at home.... Pumpkin's big sister, Hailey!  Look how similar these are:

Hailey at 30 weeks vs Pumpkin at 35 weeks
According to the ultrasound I had a few days ago, Pumpkin is currently clocking in around 6 pounds 4 ounces (57th percentile).  My doctor thinks she'll end up mid to upper 7's which would be AWESOME.  Let's keep in mind Hailey was 8 pounds 13 ounces.

Work on Pumpkin's nursery is almost complete!  I'm really happy with how it turned out.  I'll put up more pictures once she is born and we reveal her name so you can see that over the crib and on her shelves :)

Beautiful curtains my sister made!!

This weekend we took Hailey to a sibling class at Mercy hospital which was supposed to help prepare her to be a big sister.  But let's be honest, she just wanted to play with the baby dolls!  And it did not go over well with her when the instructor told her she could only hold the baby if she was sitting down (hence the last photo below).

Being a total book-hog

'dis MY baby!!
I'll leave you with some Hailey outtakes from our monthly photo shoot:

I call this one "Get this thing away from me"

Actual quote: "YOU hold it, mommy!!!!"
Here mom, let me fix this for you
Yup, 80 months pregnant, that looks much more accurate.
One more month to go!  Woohoooo!!!!!!!!!!!

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