Tuesday, October 15, 2013

9 Months Pregnant

We made it!!!!

9 months and 41 pounds later, I'm ready to give birth to my second baby girl.  I'm sitting here at 39 weeks + 1 day pregnant, not-so-patiently waiting for her to get this party started!  Hailey came on her own at 39 weeks + 5 days, and second babies are supposed to come a little sooner, so come on, let's do this!!!

I've had quite a few contractions lately, but sadly they're not painful enough or close together enough to be real labor.  At my last doctor appointment a week ago I was 1.5 cm dilated, but with all the contractions lately I think I've made some progress. If I make it to this Friday the 18th without having the baby first, I have another appointment to check my progress.  If I STILL don't have the baby by next Monday the 21st (which is my due date) we will schedule an induction for the 22nd or 23rd.  

I'm spending these last days of my pregnancy spoiling Hailey as much as I can :)  Hard to believe she's not going to be my only child anymore. I hope she does ok with the transition and doesn't get too jealous of the new baby.  I think she understands what is going on... but I can't be totally sure.  She often says "You got a baby in your belly!" and "Your belly is coming out!  I hold her."  

Here is a little photo progression of her growth throughout the pregnancy.  

And of course my progression!

I haven't really gotten much bigger since the 8th month.  I've only gained 1 pound since then, but the doctor isn't worried.  She is still predicting the baby will be mid 7's with her weight.  We shall see!

STAY TUNED for the arrival of our beautiful baby girl!!!

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