Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Bucky's First Haircut!

Our baby got his first haircut last week!  I realize dog milestones are not nearly as exciting as babies', but hey, we're taking baby steps (no pun intended)!  Here are some 'after' pics:

He has also formed a love for the bathroom.  He is always in there pouncing on the trash can, licking water off the floor or our feet, or sitting under the toilet paper roll hoping it falls down.  See below :)

We have gotten out a little bit lately however!!  We have 'date night' every month, plus last month's combo platter of Valentine's Day on 2/14 and Rian's Birthday on 2/15 definitely brightened up our winter!  I absolutely, positively cannot wait for spring.  Just driving home from work with the sun still shining is good start to the season for me!!  Cardinals baseball season is just around the corner.........

Last weekend the weather was great so we went on a hike to Castlewood State Park in Ballwin MO.  It was a lot of fun to get outside and see nature!

OH!  I almost forgot.  My parents got a puppy too!  I'd like to think its because they have been feeling the empty nest since I've been gone almost 6 months now :)  But anyway, he is a Westie and they named him Clancy.  He is so precious!  We've even had a puppy playdate already!  The boys really like eachother :)  Bucky is 4 weeks older so he's a little bossy with Clancy, but I think after time they'll be great friends!

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  1. Both the little pups are soooooooo cute! You guys look great! I miss you... we need to get together soon!