Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Happy Half Birthday, Hailey!

On December 9, you turned 2 and a half!  Hard to believe it's been 6 months since your second birthday.  So much has happened since then!  You have grown up so much and are just the funniest, sweetest little girl and your daddy and I (and your little sister!) love you so much!

Here is a rundown of where we are at 2 and half years old:
  • 30 pounds
  • 2 feet, 11 inches
  • 3T clothing 
  • 7 or 7.5 shoes 
  • Either 4's or 5's in diapers depending on the brand (no, you're not totally potty trained yet....)
  • You have all 20 baby teeth
  • Frequently used nicknames: H, Hail, Hails, Hailey Girl, Baby Doll, Button, Baby Girl
  • You take 1 nap per day from approx 12:30-2pm
  • You go to bed around 7:30-8pm and wake up around 6am.
  • Your favorite foods are: 
    • Oatmeal (you eat it for breakfast almost every single morning!)
    • Pancakes & syrup on Sundays!
    • PBJ
    • Yogurt
    • Triscuits ("trick-sicks")
    • Bananas
    • Apples
    • Clementines
    • Crackers or Pretzels with "dip" (favorite dips are peanut butter and cream cheese)
    • Fruit Pouches
    • Smoothies ("smoodies")
    • Mozzarella cheese (or any other white cheese - you won't touch any orange cheeses...)
    • Mac & Cheese (you only like the Annie's brand with white cheese)
    • Fresh green beans
    • Applesauce
    • Sweets.  You love sweets.  Especially cookies & chocolate.
  • You still don't eat any meat, potatoes or pasta (other than mac 'n cheese about once per week), so dinnertime is still a challenge for us.  As for veggies, you will eat green beans, peas, raw carrots, and sometimes broccoli.  You will occasionally eat pizza, but only thin crust, and only a teeny, tiny piece...  So to sum it up, you are eating better at 2.5 than you were 2, but its still a struggle.  You are definitely not a kid that "loves to eat".
  • You drink milk and water every day.  I don't buy juice. You get enough sugar from the fruit and carbs you eat.  
  • You are a total and complete chatterbox.  You speak in full sentences all day long.  You are so funny with the things you come up with!  
  • You are so creative and love to use your imagination.  You love to dress up and pretend to do different things and be different people.  Within any given day you will be a princess, ballerina, cowgirl and doctor!
  • You love to...
    • play tea party
    • pretend to go shopping
    • play hide & seek
    • read books
    • play "checkout" (grocery store)
    • build towers with blocks
    • play "checkup" with your doctor kit
    • color & draw
    • watch YouTube clips of nursery rhymes (current favorite - Monkeys on the Bed)
    • paint
    • do puzzles
    • do "projects" (crafts)
    • play "bubbles" (water & bubbles in the kitchen sink so you can "wash dishes")
    • play ball with daddy & Bucky
    • make tents with blankets
    • play with balloons
    • dance around to music
    • chase Bucky and tease him with his toys
    • play with your baby sister
    • your favorite TV shows are: PAW Patrol, Clifford, Doc McStuffins, Bubble Guppies, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse & Dora
  • You are so sweet on Addison and love to give her kisses and hugs.  You love to climb into her play gym with her and show her how to play with her toys.  You also love to "pap her back" after I feed her :)
  • In the past 8 weeks since Addie has been here, you have turned into a total daddy's girl.  You always had a soft spot for him, but your bond has really grown in the past 8 weeks.  Since your daddy is so amazing, he gets up with you EVERY morning so mommy can stay in bed and take care of Addie.  He feeds you breakfast every morning and gives you a bath and puts you to bed every night.  He is absolutely the best - but I don't have to tell you that - you love him so much.  You even told me the other day that he is your best friend!
  • You are very smart.  You know all your colors and shapes and can sing the alphabet song pretty close to perfect.  You can even recognize and name most of the letters individually when I show them to you out of order.  But the only one you can write is an H :)  
  • You know your letters better than your numbers.  You can roughly count to eleven, but you always skip 4.  "1, 2, 3, 2, 8, 9, 10, 11" is your favorite way to count things.  
  • You are still calm, well-behaved, and well-mannered.  Don't get me wrong, you are 2 and you get angry & dramatic when you don't get your way, but you never throw fall-on-the-floor-screaming tantrums.  Knock on wood....
Your daddy and I love you very much and wish you a happy half birthday!  

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