Thursday, February 27, 2014

4 Months Old

Addison Leigh Buckner, 5 days ago you turned 4 months old.  

You have the sweetest disposition of any baby I've ever met.  Whenever anyone smiles at you, you immediately smile back and stick out your tongue.  Much like this:

You will never know how much this warms my heart.  Whenever you are fussy and then you hear my voice and see my face, you just look at me and smile.  I love that you know who I am and you feel safe with me.  Best. Feeling. Ever.

Baby Girl, look how much you've grown in the first 4 months of your life.  To say there was a drastic change between months 2 and 3 is an intense understatement...

You have some major chub, and I positively love every inch of it.  You might be as round as a bowling ball and wearing 9 month clothes at 4 months old, but it really, truly doesn't matter to me.  You are happy, and you are healthy!  

You are currently 17 pounds, 7 ounces, which is in the 99% (honestly though, your little "x" was off the chart so I think you're in the 100% and the doctor was just trying to be nice).  I don't recall your exact length (and I couldn't tell you where the paperwork is...) but I remember its in the 84%, so you're proportioned pretty well.  We had a checkup this month and Dr. Powers gave us the go-ahead to start solid foods, but little girl, we are not going there yet.  I mean, with Hailey, I legitimately gave her her first bowl of rice cereal the DAY she turned 4 months.  I couldn't wait.  I had the camera and video camera charged and ready to go and spent like 20 minutes picking out the perfect bib.  Must be a first baby thing.  Ok, it was definitely a first baby thing!  But this time around I'm in no rush.  And Lord knows you don't need any additional calories just yet.

I plan on starting a little oatmeal about a month from now and starting veggie purees a month-ish after that.  I'm planning on making your food just like I did for your sister, so this mama needs some time to get her head screwed on straight and geared up for that venture.  

This month has been a whirlwind to say the least.  Your daddy has been gone on a work assignment to New Jersey for the past 3 weeks, and your Great Grandma passed away last week. So needless to say your schedule is just a tad out of whack at the moment.  You still nurse 5ish times a day and take 3 or 4  naps, but the times and lengths of naps are all over the map.  I'm eager for daddy to get home tomorrow so we can regroup!  Your sister is getting out of hand recently as well, testing the limits (and my patience), but that is a story for another day!

Sweet thing, I wish I had more to say but I'm tired and want to get to bed before sissy wakes up at 4am claiming to see crocodiles in her room.

Cheers to 4 months :)

Tummy Time!  And no, you're not rolling over yet.  
This face = the light of my life
I love my toys!

Love this so much!
Give me a hug!
You LOVE to spit and make funny sounds with your mouth!

Oh hello Mr. Bird
Snuggles with Great Grandpa
Valentine's Day


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