Thursday, May 22, 2014

7 Months Old


Today you turned 7 months old.  You continue to be our sweet, calm, happy baby girl.  You love to smile and laugh (especially at your big sister) and you just make your daddy and I so happy.  You hardly ever fuss; you just love to play with your toys and chew on everything in sight.  You love to babble, too - "bababa" is your favorite!  You have been sitting up for over a month now, but you have regressed slightly in your rolling over skills!  I suppose its my fault for not putting you on your belly more, but you really don't like being on your belly.  No excuse, I know!  We need to get you rolling more so you can progress to crawling.  But in the meantime, you are loving to stand!  You even like to stand at the coffee table and just hold on or play with some toys.  Your legs are so strong!

I love bath time!
Your eating and sleeping schedule is pretty similar to last month.  You nurse 4 times per day and have 1 meal of solids around dinnertime.  Your favorite "meal" is 2 sweet potato cubes mixed with either an apple or pear cube and a splash of prune juice.  You also like apples, pears, and bananas (eaten individually).  However, you do NOT care for peas or avocado.  I can sometimes get you to eat carrots if I mix them with a cube of apple or pear. Honestly you really don't have a lot of interest in food quite yet, and I'm fine with that. Your favorite "treat" is an ice cube in your mesh feeder.  This is also a good way for me to keep you hydrated when we're playing outside in the heat.

As for sleeping, you go down to bed around 7-7:15pm and wake up to nurse quickly around 2:30-3am then go right back to sleep until 6:30-6:45am.  You nap around 8:30am, 12:30pm, and 4pm.  First 2 naps are 90 min and 3rd nap is about 30-40 min.  You still sleep swaddled.... which I know is kind of weird for a 7 month old to still be swaddled but you love it and it helps put you right to sleep.  And I watch you closely on the monitor and you never attempt to roll, so I think we are good for now.  This is the swaddle we use.  It is awesome!

We have gotten out to a few parks in the past month to enjoy the nice weather. Pictured below are Carondelet Park & Suson Park.

Playing outside at Lindsay's house with my BFF Lexi
Last week you went to your first Cardinals game!  You had a blast ;)  

You and your big sister have really started "playing" more in the past month.  Hailey loves to get right in your face and do silly things to make you laugh.  The two of you are so sweet together.  She loves to dress you up!  And you don't seem to mind :)

And then there's the grocery store... Oh, the trips to the grocery store.  We are lucky that we can go to the grocery store during the week, because there's no way our 3 ring circus would survive Trader Joe's on a Saturday.  Now that you can ride in the front part of the cart, that leaves your sister either with her own tiny cart at Trader Joe's {recipe for disaster} or jumping in and out of the "driver" portion of the obnoxiously large "race car carts" at all the other grocery stores.  Elderly people are always stopping us to admire your cuteness and tell me how I must have my hands full :)  Honestly, I enjoy every minute of it, chaos and all.  It's a beautiful season of life I'm in at the moment.

Pretty sure this was after she dropped an entire carton of cherry tomatoes all over the floor but before I chased her down the aisle while she was running with a carton of eggs...

And then there was the day you and Hailey had your first official tea party.  Naturally, you just ate the dishes, and it was completely adorable.  Hailey was like, "No, Addie!!  Don't put it in your mouf!!!" 

You spent lots of quality time with all your grandmas this month, too.

With Grandma Marge on Mother's Day!
Great Grandma Mary counting my piggies
Uncle David stopped by for a quick visit, too!

Your mommy turned 31 this month, too, and we celebrated Mother's Day.  Both days were perfect.

Attempted fam pic....
Kirkwood Farmers Market
First Mother's Day with you little Addison!

This next series is just precious.  Completely impromptu, you were just in the happiest mood and kept making the funniest, cutest faces.

Who has 2 teeth!?  I do, I do!

Cute video!!
You can also see it HERE

I also did more of a "planned" little photo shoot to capture you two girls in the sweet shirts your Aunt Melissa got you for Christmas.  I'm happy that I was able to capture some good ones!

 Last but not least, a comparison pic.  This is Hailey at 7 months vs Addison at 6 months.  I can tell they are related but I really don't think they look super alike.  What do you think??


  1. got to love being their MOM!!! You are doing a super job! So glad I get to be their Aunt!