Saturday, August 30, 2014

10 Months Old

Sweet, sweet Addison, you are now 10 months old.  Well, 10 months and 1 week if we take into account my procrastination with this post!  But really in this past week you've made the most progress yet with your attempts at crawling so I'm glad I waited :)

But first things first.  It's getting more difficult to get your monthly photo these days because all you really want to do is this....

"Luckily" I have your big sister as my photo assistant who likes to set you up with cute props..

And takes seriously her role to make you smile for the pictures!  

Updates on the basics first: You are still a great sleeper and are on the same schedule as last month.  2 naps, 4 nursing sessions, 3 meals, bedtime at 7-7:30pm and morning wake up around 6:30am.  We consider ourselves very lucky that we have never had any major issues with your sleeping.  Perhaps its because you've never taken a binky a day in your life so you've been able to self-soothe from day 1.  Or maybe its because we are so consistent with your sleeping routine.  Either way we are so grateful for our awesome sleeper!  And please, oh please, let it continue!

Eating: You are still great at nursing and had no problems taking bottles from daddy while I was away in Boston for 5 days last week!  As far as meals go, you are in the process of taking more pickup foods and less purees.  Typical breakfast for you these days is either yogurt plus some bread and fruit to pick up, or some oatmeal pureed with fruit.  Typical lunch is cut up bread, cheese, and fruit to pick up, or if you didn't have yogurt for breakfast you might have it for lunch.  Dinner varies from day to day... sometimes we do a 4-cube puree (of homemade baby food), or maybe a 2-cube puree plus some other foods to pick up.  Your favorite pick up foods are raspberries, strawberries, black beans, cheese, bread, banana, mango, avocado, pasta and peas.

And I can't forget green smoothies!  You LOVE green smoothies!  I've been making them for myself every day for a while now and when I decided to let you try a sip one time, you went NUTS!  I even got your picky big sister on board with the green smoothies!  So every day we all share a green smoothie for morning snack.  The base is usually spinach and water, and then we add various fruits - favorites being banana, mango, pineapple, blueberries, and strawberries.  

And then there's water.  Your obsession and passionate love for water.  Whenever daddy or I get out a cup and take it to the fridge to fill it up with water you start to squeal and kick your arms and legs in excitement.  And if we don't give you a drink right away you start to cry.  It's a little crazy, really.  You also go nuts in the bathtub splashing the water all over the bathroom.  I have to hold onto you with 2 hands or you'll go under! 

Let's talk about sisterly love for a second.  Your big sister loves the heck out of you!  She always says "I'm the big sister.  I have to watch out for her and take care of her!"  She always make sure you have a toy to play with and puts pillows by you if you get too close to the fireplace.  Sometimes she loves you a little too much (see photos below) pouncing on top of you and giving you big squeezes, but you don't usually seem to mind.  You just giggle louder! I can't wait to see how your relationship grows as you get older.  

"mom... get her off of me"

On to mobility.  You have made great strides towards crawling in the past month.  You're finally showing interest in toys and items that are out of reach and are trying hard to get them!  You are not actually crawling yet, but you can certainly get around - especially backwards.  You can push yourself backwards around the entire living room!  I will bet that you are officially crawling in the next 2 weeks or so.  

You like to take breaks :)  Moving around is hard work!

Oops!  Backed yourself into a corner!
This is where we are today.  Now we just gotta get those knees moving forward!

You are also showing interest in pulling up and standing up...

You helped great grandma celebrate her birthday this month!  You loved pulling on great grandpa's shoe laces!  He loves it when you give him snuggles :)

Now we'll wrap it up with some miscellaneous cuteness!
Watching daddy teach big sister to ride her bike

This is how you "give kisses" to your stuffed animals

Happy 10 Months, Angel Baby!


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