Tuesday, September 23, 2014

11 Months Old

11 Months Old.

1 Month until the big O-N-E

It's been a big month for Miss Addison.


Pulling Up.


First Word.

Her personality exploded this month and it's been incredible to watch.

She is giving kisses {even puckering up!}, waving and saying "bye bye!", pulling up on everything, cruising around the coffee table, and just babbling the day away.

And just as I predicted, she started crawling a few days ago.  She'd been crawling backwards for about 2 months, but just couldn't figure out the forward motion.  Well something clicked in her little brain and now she's off like crazy and I need to rethink my whole baby proofing plan!

Here is a sweet video I captured this morning:

All around, Addie is an easygoing gal.  She is still a great sleeper and great eater.  I lay her down wide awake for both naps and bedtime and she hardly ever fusses.  She has some self-soothing noises that she makes and she pulls on her hair a little bit, and a few moments later, she is out like a light.  

She loves food.  And that is something I don't think I've ever said about Hailey.  I know she's young and can't tell me "no" when I put something on her tray, but lately she hasn't turned down anything I've offered!  If I had to name favorite foods right now I'd say cheese, bread, and avocado.  

Here are some cute photos & events from Addie's 11th month!

I Spy a teeny tiny curl!!!!!!
Fun fall day at Stone Hill Winery

Pulling up on everything!  Even the doggy's cage!
Snack time at the grocery store!  
Celebrating Grandma Peggy's 61st birthday!
Just gettin' comfy!
I love climbing onto the fireplace!  
I love this baby more than words!
Ready for our road trip to JC!
We got to watch Collin play soccer in Jeff City!

Cousin Collin loves playing with his baby cousin!
I cannot believe there is only 1 month until your first birthday.  1 year ago at this time your mommy looked like THIS!  

{And I'm happy to report that I'm currently 55 pounds lighter than this!}
I love you baby girl.  More than you'll ever know.

Hugs & Kisses,

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