Tuesday, December 30, 2014

14 Months Old

Happy 14 Months, Sweet Angel!

This past month your sweet personality has emerged more and more.  You are silly, loving, and just plain happy.  You love to eat, you are a great sleeper, and you are super easy going {most of the time!}.  

A few days after I wrote last month's post you started walking!  It was fast and furious. One day you just started doing laps around the kitchen and now there is no stopping you.  You love to rush towards the stairs, bathroom, and dog's food bowl... pretty much the only places you shouldn't go are your favorites :)  You love to open cabinets and pull everything out and you love to put Little People in everyone's shoes that sit by the back door :)  

You LOVE to eat. You reach for everything that we are eating and squeal until we give you a bite.  You scarf down your food at every meal and love to wash it down with water {your favorite} or a cup of whole milk mixed with almond milk.  I'm still nursing you 2 or 3 times a day, too.  Morning, bedtime, and usually after your second nap if our schedule that day permits.  

Typical breakfast foods are bread with either jelly, pb, or almond butter and either cut up bananas, fresh cut up pears or apples.  We usually do a green smoothie for morning snack or as part of lunch.  Other typical lunch foods are cheese, black beans, pbj, crackers, yogurt w maple syrup, and fruit.  No afternoon snack since you usually nurse.  And typical dinner foods are whatever we are eating... your faves are avocado, green beans, peas, cheese, tortilla, black beans, and rice. 

You started babbling like crazy this past month, too.  You "talk" all day long!  Most of it is nonsense, but you do have a few real words: ball, dog-dog, dada and bye bye.  You also LOVE to watch Bubble Guppies and shout "BUBBA BUBBA BUBBA!" whenever it comes on :)  

Basically, you're amazing, and warm my heart each and every day.  You remind me each day how special it is to be a mommy.  I can't help but cover you in smooches and snuggles all day long,  

Love you so much my sweet, happy girl!

Here are my favorite pictures from your 14th month!

Thanksgiving Day 2014
Thanksgiving celebration with Mimi and cousin Kailee
H volunteered to feed you some applesauce!
Mixing up a smoothie :)
Helping grandpa celebrate his birthday!
Playing with sissy
Hey mom, what are you making me for dinner!?
Post-bath selfies with mama

Selfies with daddy
Happy St. Nick's Day!
Check out my cute new hair bow!
So excited to be Christmas Tree shopping :)
Selfies in the freezing cold while daddy wraps up our Christmas tree
Trimming the tree
More peekaboo's while shopping!
Sweet, snuggly girl
Check out my pony!
Playing with Great Grandpa!
Playing at Great Grandma & Grandpa's house while mommy helps bake cookies

Being silly while we attempted to shoe shop
Green smoothie love!
Pic with your cousins before seeing Santa!
Your sister loved chatting up Santa and but you were not having any of it.....
The official photo...

With grandma & grandpa!
Your "kissy face"!!
Solo breakfast date with mama at First Watch the morning after Hailey spent the night at grandma & grandpa's house.  I love spending one-on-one time with you and enjoying your endless sweetness {and endless throwing of sippy cups}.
Love you, baby!
Kisses Forever, 

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