Monday, February 23, 2015

16 Months Old

Little Miss Addie Leigh has developed quite the personality recently...  I like to call her my little hot mess.  Girlfriend is EVERYWHERE.  And she is FAST.  If you can't find her, odds are she is in the bathroom trying to flush a towel or stirring the dogs water with her finger then licking it.  And when you catch her, she bursts out in laughter and runs away.  She is keeping me on my toes, that's for sure.
She could not be more opposite from her sister.  When Hailey was this age, she never touched the kitchen cabinets.  But Miss A doesn't hesitate to yank everything out of them and walk around the house with pots in her hands or with mason jar lids around her wrists like bracelets.  I know, I know, we should babyproof those cabinets.  But let's be honest, I spend 75% of the day in the kitchen so I can usually catch her.  

At this age, Hailey would sit quietly and scribble with crayons for 30 minutes while I cooked dinner.  Addison wants nothing to do with art.  She eats the crayons, throws the crayons, then screams for the crayons that she sees lying on the ground.  

Addison will be the kid who flushes my car keys.  She will be the one to draw on the walls with crayons.  She will be the kid to unravel a whole roll of toilet paper.  Oh wait, that's already happened!

She does, however, have a few redeeming qualities :)  She eats like a champ, whereas Hailey was a horrible eater (and still is!).  Addison is an AMAZING sleeper and Hailey was not.  We have never had to sleep train her.  She hasn't had any sleep regressions.  She never sits or stands in her bed (or even rolls over).  She has never used a pacifier even one day of her life, so she's been self soothing to sleep since day 1 and rocks at it.  Lay her down, give her a couple babies to snuggle, and she's out in 5 minutes. 

She is such a happy baby.  Always smiling & giggling & doing silly things.  That smile is infectious.  

She is constantly babbling and trying her best to communicate.  Though her best method of communication thus far is screaming!  She knows exactly what she wants and doesn't hesitate to let us know it.  

She does have some words, though.  New ones this month are "sah" (sock), bubble (for bath, her bubble book, or bubble guppies), "nah nah" (night night), "booh" (book), tickle, and "mah" (more, while signing 'more').  The words she uses most frequently are "ga ga" (cracker/cookie/snack), baby, "ahh  gah" (all gone, while signing it), bye bye, ball, dog dog, what's that, what's this, and book.

I noticed recently that most pictures I have of her these days are of her in her high chair because that's the only time of day she is sitting still!  

Grilled cheese sandwich with mustard, swiss, and avocado?  Sure! 

She loves to use a fork!  She thinks its so funny when she successfully stabs a piece of food.
Special valentine's day breakfast at bread co with mommy
say cheese!
these two....
Scarfing down her green smoothie pop!
Showing that Trader Joe's sample who's boss!
Addison LOVES her sister.  Those two play together so well {most of the time}.  Addison thinks Hailey is just hilarious.  They laugh and giggle all day long. 

Playing babies
Playing dress up
Mommy's heart = melted
Mommy's Valentines
Rian was working in Boston for a couple weeks this month and Hailey was showing Addison where Boston was {across the street under the tree, apparently}
One random warm day and we got to take a wagon ride!
Adding a bunch of nonsense to my shopping list :)
Smooching in the grocery store, totally normal!
 Addison still loves books.  I love the moments I catch her reading or playing on her own because it's not often that she sits still.  

Reading her Bubbles book with Aunt Missy
 As I mentioned above, Rian has been out of town working in Boston for a couple weeks.  So it's been just mommy & the girls rockin' it out at home.  We are doing pretty well!  But this single mom thing is no joke.  There is constantly someone who needs something and frustrations right and left.  But still somehow, I'm really enjoying the chaos.  These faces are the light of my life and I'm absolutely grateful for every moment with them.  

 Happy 16 Months, Angel Face.

Love You Forever, 

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