Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Rian and I were definitley thrown for a loop at our 37-week appointment this morning.  As you know, up until this point, Hailey has been measuring about 2 weeks ahead of her gestational age.  At our last ultrasound 3 weeks ago, she was in the 92nd percentile and Dr. Marcrander pretty much told us to do a C-section.  So for the past few weeks we've been preparing ourselves for a C-section somewhere around June 4, which is 39 weeks.  WELL!  That all changed at our appointment today.  It started with an ultrasound in which Hailey measured all the way down to the 55th percentile!  It showed her estimated weight at 7 pounds exactly, which is only 7 ounces heavier than she was 3 weeks ago.  And considering that babies normally gain 4-8 ounces a week, we were stunned.  We told the tech that for the past 3 months or so, I have been measuring at least 2 weeks ahead by belly measurement and ultrasound (this was a different ultrasound tech than we had 3 weeks ago).  So she measured everything again and got 7 pounds 3 ounces and the 64th percentile.  So its easy to see how off these measurements can be when she gets two different measurements of Hailey's head, chest, and femur just a few minutes apart. 

After the ultrasound we went in to see Dr. Marcrander and for some reason she wasn't as shocked as we were.  I guess she does this a lot :)  She said this is totally normal.  Apparently babies can have growth spurts and then just level off towards the end.  We were just confused and scratching our heads because going into today's appointment we were fully prepared to schedule a C-section!  And now that is no longer the plan.  We are just going to sit around and wait for me to go into labor!  I am 1 cm dialted so that is a step in the right direction.  I think I might start drinking hot sauce and running the stairs to try to induce labor naturally :)  Our bags are all packed, cameras are charged, and the car seat is in the car, so we are ready whenever she is!!!

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