Saturday, May 14, 2011

Getting Closer!

Well, we are certainly getting closer to meeting little Hailey!  Exactly 4 weeks to go (but hopefully only 2 or 3)!!

As most of you know, I have been measuring ahead by a couple weeks at my recent doctors appointments.  So I had an ultrasound last week to determine her approximate size.  According to the ultrasound, she is already 6 pounds and 9 ounces, which is in the 92% percentile for her gestational age!  Keep in mind this weight is determined by measuring the size of her head, chest, and femur - they can't measure any actual tissue, body fluid, or fat - so they say the ultrasound weight can be off by a pound and half either way.  So she could really be anywhere from 5 to 8 pounds right now, which makes quite the difference!  SO - Dr. Marcrander scheduled me for another ultrasound next week (at 37 weeks) to see if she has grown and is still in the upper percentiles for her age.  IF she is still near the 92% percentile, I will likely opt for a scheduled C-section because of the possibility of her getting stuck going the 'normal' way.  OR if she is measuring smaller, I can try for the normal way and just see what happens.  Lots of possibilities right now!!  Because there is also the chance that she is not actually as big as the ultrasound says, and I could go into labor in the next few weeks and deliver a 'normal' sized baby.  But if I opt for the scheduled C-section and I don't go into labor before that date, she will be born on Saturday June 4!  That is the day I turn 39 weeks - and they won't deliver babies any earlier than that due to lung maturity. 

Also, 2 weeks ago was my baby shower.  It was such a wonderful, fun day with family and friends.  I got SO many things for Hailey - especially lots of clothes!  I am so grateful to everyone that came and made the day so special.  Here are some pics!

After the shower, we started doing loads and loads of laundry - this lady has lots of things to get her wardrobe started!  On top of clothes I got at the shower, my sister gave me lots of the gender neutral outfits that Collin wore so I'm good to go in the newborn and 0-3 department!

I'm also happy to report that the nursery is officially complete!  I'll post pics as soon as I take some :)

Also in the midst of all this baby mania was my 28th birthday!  My last birthday before becoming a mommy :)  It was good to spend time with Rian and go out to dinner just the two of us before chaos ensues in a few weeks!

As for how I've been feeling, the answer is huge and uncomfortable!  About a week ago I was having a series of Braxton Hicks contractions that freaked me out temporarily, but eventually they stopped.  On top of that, last Sunday morning (mother's day) I woke up with a stabbing pain just to the left of my tailbone.  I could barely put any pressure on my left leg all day without being in excruciating pain.  I called the doctor on Monday and they confirmed that its Sciatica, and it probably won't go away until she is here!  It honestly really hurts, especially when walking.  And my swollen ankles don't help the walking situation either! I definitely have the pregnancy waddle down pat :)  After the false contractions last weekI realized I need to get serious about packing my hospital bag!!  So that is what I'm working on this week.  Very exciting!!!

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