Wednesday, August 17, 2011

2 Months Old

Last week Miss Hailey turned 2 months old.  The time has flown by!  And sadly I only have 2 more weeks left of my maternity leave :( 

I have gotten to know Hailey really well and we have developed a routine each day.  She eats 6 times a day (every 3 hours beginning around 6 AM), takes a short nap after she eats (about 20 minutes) and then she is wide awake for about an hour and a half which is when we practice making sounds, playing with toys or doing tummy time.  All the playing tires her out and she falls asleep until her next feeding (and this is when mommy gets to do a load of laundry or make a phone call!).  After her 9 PM feeding, she gets her Woombie on, and she falls right asleep for 8-9 glorious hours!!  We really are lucky :)  It's crazy how fast the days go by.  A few days a week we go on a walk around their neighborhood, or I'll take her out with me to run errands.  Her favorites are Target, Babies R Us, Old Navy, and of course the lovely malls of St. Louis!  It's been really fun to shop for her fall wardrobe!  It's like dressing up a little doll :)

As for milestones, she's is still a pro at tummy time, holding her head up like a champ.  She even rolled over from tummy to back last week!  The first time she did it she was on the couch, so I wasn't sure if that counted since the soft surface probably helped her roll.  But the next day I put her on the ground and she did it again!  I am so proud of her!!

She is not quite ready for the Bumbo chair yet - we tried it last week and her head still bobbles a little too much for my liking to let her sit in it for too long.  But she is grabbing onto things (namely hair, necklaces, and her binky rope).  It is so funny - when she is in her carseat and has her binky in her mouth, she pulls on the rope its attached to so her binky falls out and then cries because its gone.  So I put it back in her mouth and she does it again!  It's a fun game we play at stoplights: 'lets see how many times mommy can reach around to the back seat and put the binky back in before the light turns green!'  Silly little girl.

She has also been blowing bubbles with her mouth like crazy lately.  It's really cute... until her shirt is soaked with drool!  But thats okay, because then mommy can change her into a new outfit!  Gotta make sure we try on everything in the closet!

And this one is just exciting for me and Rian, but she is finally starting to like her swing.  In the beginning, she screamed every time we put her in it.  But we found out that the key is to put her in it when she is calm/content/drowsy, but not asleep.  She is mesmerized by the giant bees that spin around and it keeps her occupied for at least 30-45 minutes (time for mommy to do the dishes or take a shower!). 

She will be baptised Sunday the 28th of August, so a recent task of mine was to find a christening gown for her.  I found a great one online and thankfully it looks just as great in person.  It fits well and is just so sweet.  I can't wait to see her in it on her big day!  Now I just gotta find the right bow for her hair.........  :)

As for her stats, at her 2 month checkup she was still in the 87th percentile for weight, dropped to the 75th percentile for length, and went up to the 68th percentile for head size.  She got 3 shots in her poor little legs and got an oral immunization as well.  Her next checkup is at 4 months old (October) and then we'll start rice cereal!  She is growing up too fast already! 

Here are some of my recent favorite pics:

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