Thursday, September 15, 2011

3 Months Old

Our Little Miss is growing like a weed.  Sadly there is no 3 month checkup with the pediatrician, so we won't know her new stats for another month.  But I can just tell she is getting so much longer! 

She is so alert these days and aware of her surroundings.  She babbles and coos like crazy.  We have some really cute conversations :)  And I love when she looks at me after waking up from a nap and gives me a big grin.  Makes me feel so special!  She is a pro at sitting in the Bumbo chair.  She loves sitting in it and playing with toys.  It's so interesting to see her brain working when she holds the toy with one hand, then slowly brings her other hand up to hold it with 2 hands then stares at it like "what is this!?"... then puts it in her mouth to give it a taste!  Also over the past few days I've seen her staring at her feet.  I bet she's thinking "how can I get these in my mouth?..." 

She still eats 6 times a day and sleeps all night long (in her big girl crib!).  We are still cloth diapering, too, which is going better than I anticipated.  We are using both the Flip system and BumGenius.  Those BumGenius diapers are just amazing!  They are pricey, but man do they work.  I got lucky in that I am borrowing about 20 BumGenius that my sister used with Collin, so those added to the 10 I bought plus the Flip System and we are more than covered!  I am leary to use them when we go out of the house... sometimes I do, sometimes I don't... it just depends on where we are going and how long we are going to be gone.  But when we are home, it is all cloth, all the time!  Gotta do my part to save the planet, but even more than that it has saved us SO much $$$.  And they're really cute :)

Her baptism went great.  She looked beautiful and behaved so well during the ceremony!  Here are some pics:

Last weekend we had some professional pictures taken of her - that was quite an experience! You never know what you're going to get with a baby... and we definitley got puke, screaming, and sleeping during our photo session! Still managed to get some keepers though :)

In other news (kind of), I quit my job last Friday.  I went back to work on August 29, but only lasted 2 weeks.  I just missed Hailey so much and wasn't feeling right about being away from her.  Especially with the job I had, I was often at the hotel for 12 or more hours per day and 1 or both weekend days, and I'm just not willing to be away from Hailey that much.  I am going to stay home for a while and focus on being a mommy.  I'll look for some part-time work at some point, but no more full-time Corporate America for this girl!  (Did I mention how good it felt to gather up all my stuffy suits and give them to Goodwill!? Amazing!)  Hailey is my number one priority, and she deserves all my time and love.  She is growing up right before my eyes!   LOVE THAT GIRL!

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  1. My new favorite picture..... Hailey and Rian holding fingers. Talk about a Kodak moment!