Friday, June 15, 2012

Cute Vids!!

Here is a sample of some of the fun the Buckners are having this summer!  This is the first summer in about 7 years that I'm not trapped in an air conditioned restaurant or hotel and I'm LOVING it!  Bring on the vitamin D!  (Oh, and last year doesn't count because I was happily trapped inside my house with a newborn!)

I especially love that last video because at the end you can hear my cell phone ringing in the background and she stops what she is doing, gets wide eyed, and says "da.. da..."  she always knows its daddy calling!!  Love that girl <3


  1. Glad I finally got a chance to get to your site. She is my favorite little girl in the world! I really love the the talking highchair vid...she has a lot to say! The transfering of blocks into buckets is quite nice too...lots of learing going on. Seems that you don't have to be a "real teacher" to teach your child...because PARENTS are their child's first and most important teacher anyway...way to go Mommy!

    1. Hey thanks! I just found an educational way to reuse those buckets from her birthday party!