Thursday, June 28, 2012

More Cute Vids!

It's addicting putting videos on here... I want to show you guys all the cute things she does!

Video #1:  She is getting so good at walking!  I'd say she walks about 70% of the time now as opposed to crawling.  I'm so proud of her!

Video #2:  We tried having her feed herself with a spoon for the first time a couple days ago and she did really well!  I was impressed.  Guess she's a natural born eater :)  Here she is feasting on some delicioso pureed peaches.  She really likes to suck on the spoon for a while after each bite!

Video #3:  More self feeding - the next day we did yogurt, and it was an improvement over day #1.  Made a HUGE mess, but that's ok :)

Video #4:  This one is just cute. She is playing in the new little chair I got her, dancing a little, attempting to get un-stuck from the chair, and just being Hailey :)

Video #5: Here she is having her first popsicle and making some funny faces :)

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