Sunday, September 9, 2012

15 Months Old: Books, Bows, & Baby Dolls

Hailey Rian continues to impress and amaze us every single day.  She understands so much and has her own special ways of communicating with us.  When she is thirsty she stands in front of the fridge pulling on the handles saying "wawa!!".  And when she is hungry she stands at her high chair and whines for us to put her in it.  And when she is tired and runs up to me and grabs my legs and gives me this pitiful face:

More fun facts about H at 15 months:
  • BOOKS - She has fully discovered her love of books this month.  Our floors are always covered in books!  She flips through them all and knows exactly where the touch-and-feel parts are on each page.  I love it when she brings me or Rian books to read to her.  She crawls onto our lap and just waits patiently for us to start reading.  She is perfectly content looking at the same book over and over and over again!  I guess she doesn't get tired of the repetition, but I do!  So we've gone to the library a few times to spice up our at-home library.

  • BOWS - Her hair is really getting longer and I can finally put bows in my baby's hair!  I've been patiently waiting 15 long months for this!  She even had her first-ever pigtails this month :)

  • BABY DOLLS - Hailey has really taken a liking to her baby dolls this month.  It's so sweet to watch her carry them around and take care of them.  She wraps them up in blankets, feeds them little bottles, and gives them baths with washcloths.  It's really neat to just sit back and watch her play; it shows how much she observes about what we do on a daily basis and then tries to imitate it with her dollies.

  • WORDS - Hailey has added a few words to her vocabulary this month:
    • Yo (for yogurt)
    • Bye and Bye Bye (most of the time it sounds like "Bah Bah")
    • No more ("Nomo")
    • Duck ("Guck")
    • Stores ("Stoh-iz") - Story: Every Monday Hailey and I run our errands, do the grocery shopping, etc. We have been doing that pretty consistently for months now, and before we leave I always say, "Hailey, are you ready to go to some stores with mama?" And a couple weeks ago she started responding with "Stoh-iz" and walking over to the back door ready to leave! She just too smart!
    • Whenever my phone rings or a car pulls up she gets so excited and says "Who zat?" or "Wha zat?"
    • The most frequently used words in her vocabulary these days are Wawa, Dada, Dog, Hi, and No.
      • Note: In Hailey's world, Wawa means both water and milk.  Choose wisely because if you give her the wrong one, a mini-meltdown will ensue!
    • When she sees a picture of a cow or you ask her what sound a cow makes, she says "mooooooooooo" or "mmmmmmm"
    • And in case you're keeping track, that's still a big negative on the "mama" front...
  • FOOD/DRINK - Her appetite isn't what it used to be.  Her current favorite foods are fruit, oatmeal, cheese, yogurt, black beans, pickles, and PBJ.  She eats really well at breakfast, so-so at lunchtime, and just forget about it at dinner time.  Three bites of dinner and she's squirming to get down.  She would rather be playing or reading or chasing the dog rather than eating.  But she is still gaining weight so no worries over here!
  • SLEEPING - Just like clockwork, she naps each day at 9am and again at 2 or 2:30pm. She goes to bed at 7pm and wakes up around 6 or 6:15!  We have it down to such a routine at night and she hardly ever puts up a fight when its time to go to bed.  Rian is in charge of bed time and is just amazing with it.  I love to hear them laughing together while he is putting on her PJs, and I love hearing him singing her sweet lullabyes :)
  • TOOFERS - Hailey has finally gotten some new teeth! Two more on top (on either side of the big middle ones) plus both of her first molars on the bottom.  The top first molars are cutting through as we speak.  But surprisingly, she's doing pretty well with the pain!
    • Hailey has found a few "hideouts" around the house and loves to play there.  I love it!

    • She still loves to play peekabo

    • She loves to "clean" around the house. Must be because she sees me cleaning all the time ;)   It's really precious how she finds towels and just scrubs away!

    • H has become obsessed with belly buttons this month.  She walks around with her shirt up pointing to her belly button practically all day long!  And she loves to lift up mommy and daddy's shirts and stick her finger in our belly buttons, too :)
    • The climbing.  Oh, the climbing.  Gone are the days where we can keep her little blue chair next to the couch because she will use it to hoist herself up onto the couch when mommy is not looking!  One day I made her a pillow mountain to climb on and she totally loved it. 
And now for the best part, my favorite pics of the month.  Enjoy!



All 3 cousins playing at their Great Grandparents house :)
She was dancing to his music!






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