Thursday, August 9, 2012

14 Months Old & Florida Vacation

Our sweet angel is 14 months old!  I love watching her grow and learn new things each day.  She certainly keeps everyone entertained with her silly faces and laughs.  She amazes Rian and I daily with all the things she can do and her ability to communicate her needs.  Here is a quick run down of Miss H at 14 Months Old.
  • She can locate her belly and her head, and sometimes her nose.  Most of the time when I say "where is your nose?" she points to mine instead, but I think that's pretty smart, too!
  • She loves to give hugs and kisses, even when we don't ask for them (which is the best time to receive them!).  She is even starting to pucker up to give her kisses instead of giving the open-mouth variety :)
  • She can still wear size 12m dresses, but is in 18m for everything else.  Size 3 or 4 for shoes.
  • She has started to pay more attention when I read books to her.  It seems like her overall attention span is getting better.  She will sit and play with one toy for a good amount of time before moving on to the next.
  • She has the most adorable laugh in the world.  Just ask my aunts and cousin who spent a week with us on vacation :) 
  • She hasn't gotten any new teeth in a while.  Still just the 4 on bottom and 2 up top.
  • She still takes 2 naps per day (each about 1 hr long) and sleeps 10-11 hours through the night.
  • Whenever there is a pillow or blanket on the ground she will drop to the ground and lay on it for like 10 seconds then get up and continue on with what she was doing.  It is so funny!
  • New words she started saying this month:
    • Stop
    • More
    • Uh Oh
    • Wawa (water)
    • No
    • Up
    • Ball
    • Hi
    • Nana (banana)
    • Her favorite word is still, without a doubt, "Daddy". Sometimes it's "Da-Da", sometimes its "Daddy", and sometimes it my favorite, "Da-Da-Yeeeeeeeee". She has said "Ma" probably twice. Sad Face for me, but I'm glad Rian is gettin' some love! It is so apparent how much she loves her daddy.

Rian, Hailey and I took our first family vacation last week!  Along with two of my aunts and my cousin, we all headed to Perdido Key in Pensacola, Florida.  It was such a great week!!!  We decided that the best way to get there was to drive through the night so that Hailey would be asleep for the majority of the 12+ hour drive.  It was a fun adventure for Rian and I to drive all night long - and by the time the sun came up we were pretty loopy!  Lots of caffeine and no sleep can really mess with your brain.  We were pretty slap happy by the morning but so excited to finally be in Florida! 

Hailey did so well on the beach.  Just give her a bucket and a scooper and she is good to go for hours!  She didn't try to eat the sand and it only got it in her mouth by mistake a couple times (and she did not care for it!).  She liked the ocean, too.  She would giggle each time a wave would come up and hit her back.  Such special memories created on this trip :)  Here are some of my fave pics from vacation. (For a full library of vay-cay pics, head to my fb page).


Now, driving home was a whole different story!  Hailey was not happy one bit.  We divided up the trip home into a two-day adventure, and so I'm sure it was boring for her to be strapped to a chair for 9+ hours on one day and 4 hours the next!  Poor girl just wanted to get up and run around.  We tried putting a movie in to capture her attention, but seeing as how she's never watched TV before, she could care less about adorable Nemo on that screen.  She didn't want to play with toys either, at least not for longer than about 3 mintues!  Books worked for maybe 5 minutes at a time, but the thing that held her attention the most was letting her go to town on a roll of paper towels.  Sounds crazy (and was a huge mess) but when you are desperate, you are desperate!  Turns out she's really good at tearing up paper towels into teeny tiny pieces.  Who knew!?  :)

I think I'm ready for fall.  Anyone else??

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