Saturday, March 9, 2013

21 Months

Well, little girl, three quarters of your second year are now complete.  1 year and 9 months.  Crazy!  The other day at the grocery store someone asked me how old you were and the first thing that came to mind was "almost 2!" and I couldn't even believe I said it!  You are growing up so fast and your daddy and I are loving every minute of it.

You are saying all sorts of things these days.  I love when you talk in total gibberish but with the tone and inflection of a real sentence.  It's so adorable.  But a lot of times, you say real sentences, too!  Here are some you use frequently:

"Where go ______?"  Insert: daddy, baby, ball, Bucky, etc.
"Where is _____ at?
"Here you go, mama/dada"
"Where'd the ball go?"
"Got you!"
"All gone!"
See you later! ("See yay-yuh")
"Take it"

You have also started to count!  You usually say "one.... twoo..... sick (six).... four..... two!"  Or you'll say whatever you are counting, like "one, two blocks!" or "one, two ducks!".  Presh.

The most special thing you've started doing this past month is telling mommy and daddy "I you" (I love you) without us prompting you to say it first.  Melts my heart!

You are still a super picky eater, even pickier than last month (if that's even possible!).  You are now rejecting bananas, apples, and kiwi.  It even took 10 minutes of coaxing to get you to eat a PBJ the other day.  Sheesh!  Thank goodness strawberries are back in season because you love those.  You also had "big girl" cereal and milk with strawberries the other morning and ate them all like a champ :)
And sometimes at breakfast we make silly videos like this one:

I don't even want to comment on your sleeping because it is an ever-changing and frustrating thing.  But for the majority of the past month you have been waking up way earlier than mommy and daddy like - 4:40 AM!  We usually let you cry/whine for about 30 minutes in hopes that you'll fall back to sleep, but it doesn't usually happen (ok, its only happened ONCE!).  Due to the early wake up, we have gone back to two naps during the day, each about an hour long.  My new goal over the next few months is to push back your bedtime to 7:30-7:45 PM and get you to wake up around 6:30-6:45 AM.  With spring & summer coming up, I want to be able to take advantage of the daylight after supper instead of putting you to bed at 6:45pm! 

Some other new happenings this month are:

We purchased a Magic House membership!  You love it there.  There are so many activities to keep you busy and you discover something new each time we go.


Mommy was getting tired of watching Barney, so I switched it up this month and starting turning on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse which is MUCH easier for mommy to handle :)  You love it!  You love to do the "hot dog dance" at the end of each episode and when its over you say "Uh Oh!  Where go Mickey!?"

Your second Valentines Day happened this month and we celebrated with a fun girly playdate with your friends :) 

Reading your Valentine from Collin & Keaton
Thank you Grandma Peggy for my Elmo movie and Valentines jammies!
Your "handmade" Valentine for daddy
Vday kisses for daddy before work
"Smile for the camera!".... "No."
The very next day, your daddy turned 30!  We threw him a special bonfire party, and you slept soundly through the whole thing :)

Birthday breakfast!

Party decs

Birthday Boy

Your daddy LOVES bonfires!

Some day when you're much MUCH older, ask your daddy to explain this picture to you :)
 Somehow I fashioned your hair into your very first pony tail.  A momentous occasion for every girl :)
We also had a few "snow days" this month.  We found lots of creative things to do while we were trapped inside!

pipe cleaner threading
Your very first cardboard fort
Fort Fun!
Contact paper art
Felt board

pom pom play

Who needs a sled?  All the cool kids are using cardboard boxes :)
You still love to play in your kitchen, which makes mommy very happy!


I almost forgot a BIG happening this month!  We bought you your very own potty!  That's right.  We are starting to potty train you!  We are taking small steps right now, just getting you used to the concept.  We ask you every day if you want to sit on it, and if you say yes, we sit you on it with a cup of water and read you stories until you hopefully go!  It hasn't happened yet, but we've only had it for a week.  And sometimes you like to just sit on it (fully clothed) to watch your shows :)

Ready or not, it's potty time.

I found a little potty for her baby, too!  Try to tell me that's not the cutest thing you've ever seen.

These next pictures don't fit into a specific category, so we'll just call them my "favorites"! 

Two silly babies

Snuggles for Minnie




Love that sly little smirk...

Oh just playing in my top hat, no big deal

These last pictures are super special to me.  The other day you snuggled with me for a full 30 minutes while you watched Mickey.  Normally you lay there for about 30 seconds and then move on to the next thing.  I loved being able to hold you without you squirming away!  You are my favorite silly girl in the whole wide world.  Love you forever.

Hugs & Kisses,

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