Thursday, April 11, 2013

22 Months

Little Miss Hailey Rian has grown so much lately!  She is noticeably taller and looking much more like an almost 2 year old than a baby.  She is talking so much and communicating so well - she amazes me everyday!  She knows what she wants (and what she doesn't) and does not hesitate to show us how she feels!
(Some of the) things she says:
"Want beffiss?!"  - She thinks all food is 'breakfast' so whenever she is hungry she tells me she wants "beffiss"
"Wink You" - Thank you
"Where daddy go?  Daddy shower" / "Where Bucky go? (Points) Right there!" - She asks questions and then answers them herself
"Good job, mama, good job" - She loves to tell me how great I'm doing at random daily tasks :)
"Where the milk?" - First thing in the morning, every morning
"I keen up" - The girl loves to clean!  Whether its a towel, a wipe, or a sock, she will use it to "keen up"
"Uh oh, wha happened?"
"Bess shu" (Bless you) - Whenever anyone sneezes
"I get it" / "I do it"
"Oh No!  It broken"
Random facts:
  • When she counts its always "2, 4, 6, 2"
  • If you ask her what color something is, its always yellow
  • She is still an incredibly picky eater.  One day she will eat something and the next day she'll spit it out like its poison.  Current favorite foods are grapes ("gwapes") and yogurt.
  • Her sleeping habits change from day to day.  Sometimes we nap once, sometimes we nap twice.  We just go with the flow!
  • She still loves to paint and draw, and when we were in Chicago she was obsessed with playing Uncle David's drums.  My little artsy girl!
  • Clifford is her favorite show
  • She loves nursery rhymes especially "row row boat", "bus", "patty cake man", and "baa baa sheep"
  • When we are driving the only song she will let me play is "itsy bitsy spider" on repeat over and over and over......  if a different song comes on for even a few seconds she will yell "No! Pi!!!!!!!!!!" (Pi = spider)
And now for your 22nd month in pictures:
Your first haircut:

St. Patrick's Day parade downtown:

Couch gymnastics:

More trips to the Magic House:
A little toddler ballet :)
Special mommy/daughter trip to Baskin Robbins:
Playing outside on a rare warm day:
A huge 12 inch snowfall!  And then daddy let you play with some snow in the bathtub :)
Cheers for snow days!
Your first time dying Easter eggs:

Your second Easter:

Your first egg hunt!


Making daddy so proud :)
Easter 2012 vs Easter 2013
"I am SO much cooler this year"

Trip to Chicago:

Chicago Children's Museum at Navy Pier (much like the Magic House)


Navy Pier
Rainforest Cafe

We stayed at a hotel the first night and had an awesome view of Michigan Avenue!  She loved looking at all the "choo choo"s on the street :)
Shedd Aquarium

We saw a short 4D movie at the aquarium and she kept the glasses on for a full 2 minutes!  I was impressed :)

Absolutely love this.
She loved their cat, Linus.  She kept saying "where kitty?" and bringing him toys.  She tried to snuggle him like she does to Bucky, but he wasn't having it :)

Just a little early morning jam session

Aunt Leslie let you paint with water on her cool slate board
Nature Museum
You got to play with turtles!
But you weren't so sure about the snake :)
Lincoln Park Zoo

 Warm day at the park:

Fun with Kenzie:

 Happy 22 Months, Baby Girl! 

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