Wednesday, January 22, 2014

3 Months Old

Guess who is 3 months old today!  My sweet, smiley, chunky monkey Miss Addison Leigh!

Here are weeks 9-12:

At 3 months old Addie is:
  • Wearing size 2 diapers
  • Doing a great job filling out her size 6 month clothing....
  • Smiling ALL the time!
  • Starting to laugh a little
  • Holding her head up like a champ
  • Nursing 6 times per day (7am, 10am, 1pm, 4pm, 7pm, and a super quick feeding around 4-5am)
  • Taking 4 naps per day and sleeping 12 hours at night.  
    • I'm starting to transition her from napping in her swing in the living room to napping in her bed (and by bed I mean rock 'n' play ...) upstairs.  She naps better and longer this way.
    • Her naps get shorter as the day goes on.  
      • Nap 1 (around 8:30am) is the longest (75-90 min)
      • Nap 2 (around 11:30ish) is about 45-55 min
      • Nap 3 (around 2:30ish) is about 30-45 min
      • Nap 4 (around 5:30pm) is the shortest (25-30 min)
    • She nurses for the last time at 7pm and then goes straight to sleep for the next 12 hours!  She normally wakes up around 4 or 5am so I nurse her for like 3 mins (lights off, still swaddled), and she goes right back to sleep until 7am!  It's wonderful.

Hey!  Who turned on the light?!

Addison still won't take a pacifier or bottle, but it might be because I've stopped trying.  She has learned to self soothe so I'm over the whole paci thing, but I'm going to get serious about trying different kinds of bottles soon because I'd really like to have more flexibility in being able to leave the house.  

She doesn't have much interest in toys yet, she'd rather suck on her hands (which is so cute).  She will lay under her play gym thing and just look up mesmerized by the lights and dangling toys - but she doesn't really reach for or bat at the toys just yet.  Hailey is really good at it, though :)

"My name is Addie and I love my hands!"

{also available here}

 She loves to "talk" back and forth with people, especially her daddy.  
He is so good at making her smile and coo!

I've come to the verdict that Addison and Hailey look nothing alike.  I did another comparison shot of both girls in the same outfit at 3 months (I had to do it closer to 2 months for Addie, actually, or else the onesie wasn't going to fit her anymore...)

What do you think?

 Addie does a great job putting up with Hailey's crazy antics all day long.  Hailey is always loving on her little sister and trying to put random "phones" up to her ear so she can "call the doctor".  {Background: Hailey is currently obsessed with singing "5 little monkeys jumping on the bed" and she is constantly holding random objects up to her ear for the "mama called the doctor and the doctor said" portion of the song}  Please enjoy this video.... this is my life!

{Also available here}

There's not much else to say about this 3 month old other than she is sweet, cute, and super easygoing (unless you're trying to shove a bottle in her mouth)! We absolutely love her to pieces and can't wait to see how she grows and changes in the next month!  Here are the rest of my favorite pics from this month:


Love this so much.
Stare down!
Morning kisses for sis
She always sticks her tongue out when she smiles! 
Favorite. Pic. EVER.
2nd Fave!
3rd Fave!
What a difference 11 weeks makes.

Mommy loves you!!!

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