Wednesday, January 29, 2014

A Day in the Life: Buckner Style

As a stay-at-home-mom, sometimes I'm asked the common question, "what do you do all day!?"  Put on the spot like that I'm often hard-pressed to find answers other than "take care of the kids, change diapers, feed them, laundry, etc."  So I thought it would a good idea to actually look at what I do all day and journal it... really just so 10 years from now when I'm back at work and the kids are in school I can remember what these days were like with a toddler and a baby at home.

Let's start here...

4:00 AM - Addison wakes up for the first time (since the night before around 7:30pm) to be fed.  I nurse her quickly and she goes right back to sleep.
5:45 - 6:00 AM - This is the average time that Hailey wakes up.  Rian gets up with her and takes her downstairs for milk, breakfast, and likely a "kid show".  
6:45 AM - Rian brings Hailey back upstairs and puts her in bed with me so he can take a shower and get ready for work.  She usually watches another kid show or does puzzles on my phone.  I persuade her to be quiet because Addie is still sleeping.
7:00 AM - Addison wakes up (from her rock n play next to my bed) and I feed her.  Hailey is probably jumping on my bed singing "5 little monkeys" by this point.  Rian goes to work.
7:30 AM - I put Addie in the baby chair in my bathroom so I can take a shower.  Hailey plays with Bucky in my room.  
7:45 AM - I change Addie and get her dressed for the day, and then head to Hailey's room to get her dressed for the day.  
8:00 AM - We all parade downstairs and I get my coffee and make myself breakfast.  Hailey usually wants a second breakfast by this point so she gets some fruit or a small bowl of oatmeal. Addie plays in her play gym or sits in her baby chair in the kitchen with us.
8:30 AM - Time for Addie's first nap!  H stays downstairs and plays while I put Addie down upstairs.  
8:45 AM - This is when I usually clean up the kitchen and straighten the house a little bit.  Hailey loves to help unload the dishwasher and help me vacuum.  She also does her one and only chore of filling up Bucky's bowl with food.  I've probably reheated my coffee about 3 times by this point :)
9:30 AM - Done cleaning and Hailey and I play for a little bit.  Usually with her dollhouse, or do puzzles, or play dress up, or do a project at the kitchen table.  
10:00 AM - Addie wakes up and I bring her downstairs to feed her.  Hailey sits next to me on the couch playing "monkey on the bed" on my phone {watching YouTube clips}.  
10:30 AM - Hailey gets cut off from playing on my phone as soon as I'm done feeding Addie.  I change Addie's diaper (and let's be honest, I probably change her whole outfit too from the spit up/diaper explosion that likely happened).  Then Addie and Hailey play for a little bit or we have an hour to run an errand if necessary (usually the grocery story).  This is also prime time for a play date with Lindsay, Kenzie & Lexi or Rachel, Cooper & Will.  OR this would be the time for my dad to come over and watch the girls while I go to the gym.  
11:30 - 12:00 - Somewhere in this time frame Addie goes down for her 2nd nap and I make Hailey's lunch.
12:00 - 12:30 PM - Somewhere in this time frame Hailey goes down for her nap.  Some days I'm REALLY lucky and get both kids napping at the same time.  Those days are super special because I get about an hour to myself!  Every day varies, but if I know I'm only going to get a few minutes of alone time I'll probably just have time to eat lunch.  Other days when I get more time I will prep dinner, blog, work on laundry, do dishes, or any other project/item from my to-do list.  
1:00 PM - Addie is up by this time and I feed & change her.  
1:30 PM - Hailey is usually up by this time so we all play together for a little while.  Sometimes downstairs in the playroom, or we do a project in the kitchen, or play school upstairs in Hailey's bedroom.  I also have about an hour here if we need to run another errand or take a trip to the library.
2:30- 3:00 PM - Somewhere in here Addison goes down for her 3rd nap.  This is where the flexibility sets in because sometimes Rian is home from work by this time so I can go to the gym if I want or run some errands without kids (hooray!).  If Rian is not home, Hailey and I are probably in the kitchen having a snack and prepping things for dinner.  She loves to help me cut vegetables or play with water and bubbles in the sink pretending to wash dishes :)
4:00 PM - Addie is up and I feed her.  If Rian is home he is playing with Hailey and if he's not home she plays by herself while I feed the baby.  She is great at keeping herself occupied.  She is also great at going potty on her own!  
4:30 PM - Rian is usually home by now so we get some fun family time to play together before I make dinner.
5:00 PM -Rian takes care of the girls while I make dinner
5:45 PM - Hailey, Rian and I eat dinner and Addie takes a quick 15-20 min nap in her swing.  
6:15 PM - I take care of the girls while Rian does the dishes.
7:00 PM - Rian takes Hailey upstairs for bath & bed and I stay downstairs to feed Addison and change her into jammies and put her in her swing.  
7:30 PM - Hailey is asleep upstairs and Addie is asleep downstairs in her swing.  Now Rian and I watch TV & hang out together till 9:30-10ish and then all 3 of us go upstairs to bed! 

And there you have it!  Phew!

2.5 years / 3 months

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