Thursday, April 23, 2015

18 Months Old

Happy Half Birthday, Sweet Girl!

It's really hard for me to believe that it's been a year already since we had a roly poly little 6 month old... that looked a little something like this..

And this...

You've come a long way, baby!  

But you are just as sweet and snuggly now as you were then, and now you are also funny, talkative, curious, and FAST!

I still don't have a solid list of the words you are saying, but a few of your frequently used words these days are:

Sis sis
Buppy (Bucky)
Dog dog
Duh (duck)
Booh (book)
Moh!? (more)
Ah Gah (all gone/all done)
Gee gee (cookie)
Ga ga (cracker)
Bee bee (baby)
Dow (down)
Nah nah (night night)
Ah voo (I love you)
Whassiss (what's this)
Whassat (what's that)
Where go?

Yep, Debbie.  Still not totally sure what it means, but it has to do with food & drink.  You yell DEBBIE when you're pulling on the fridge handles for a drink or pointing up at the counter top where there is likely some food you want to eat.  It's become a funny joke around here because you're basically screaming DEBBIE all day long :) And for the record, we don't know even know anyone named Debbie!  

You had your second Easter this month, and you were cute as can be.  You were happy as a clam just walking around with your basket!

Mommy started getting creative with your hair this month, too.  I'm a sucker for sweet little piggies and little sprouts on top :)

Mom get out of my way I can't see the TV!
You're still an amazing sleeper, and we couldn't be happier about that.  You nap once a day for about 2 hours (roughly 12-2pm).  You go to bed around 7:30pm and wake up around 6:30am.  Like clockwork :)

I will still say that you are a good eater, but you are eating less than you used to.  You either get fuller quicker or you just get bored with eating and want to do something else.  Typical meals are: oatmeal or jelly bread with fruit (bananas, pears, berries, or kiwi) for breakfast, yogurt or green smoothie, crackers with pb, and fruit for lunch, and honestly you're pretty good at eating whatever we're eating for dinner.  You're good with rice, pasta, most veggies (you do not like carrots), pizza, beans, tortillas, cheese, chicken, ravioli .... anything really.  It's fantastic.  Keeping in mind that Hailey is nearly 4 and we still have to coach her through each meal of plain, raw, boring food.  Ugh!  

You love your big sister.  You always have to do what she is doing. You are best buddies and it's so sweet to watch.  I love watching you play with her toys when she is not around.  You play with them the exact same way she does :)

You love to sit next to her and watch "kid shows"

How did sissy do this!?

A few more random photos & moments from this month... 

You loved playing in the sand at Miss Lindsay's house

Trying on your new swimming suit!
Swinging at grandma & grandpa's
Typical morning!
Typical reaction to not getting your way :)
Playing outside at Bree's birthday party
And last but not least, my favorite set of photos from this month.  You were being so cute feeding me your pretzels and just being sweet.  Daddy and I love you so much!  

Happy Half Birthday, Angel!

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