Wednesday, May 27, 2015

19 Months Old

Oh, Addison.

I chose this photo to sum up your 19th month because it's truly who you are right now.  Whispy dark blonde hair with subtle natural curl, soft smooshy arms, legs, cheeks, and fingers, and never looking at the camera because you're ALWAYS moving.   

You are talking so much now.  The first thing you say when you wake up in the morning is "where sissy!?"  Other frequently heard things are:

Wah Dow!? (want down)
Moh?! (more)
Gih! (again)
Steh!! (stuck)
Nana (banana)
Dee (cheese)
Appa Doo (apple juice)
Dow-uh (towel)
Ewwo (hello)
Buppy (bucky/puppy)
OH NO!  This is your most frequently used phrase.  All day long.  OH NO!  Where Buppy?  OH NO!  Where go?  OH NO!  Where sissy?  OH NO!  Booboos! (poo poo).  Yep, you already tell us when you need to be changed!

You're hilarious.  Constantly moving.  Making funny faces.  Getting into everything you shouldn't.  Putting EVERYTHING in your mouth.  And I'm not talking about food.  I had hoped you would have outgrown the mouthy phase by now (because choking is my #1 fear as a mother!!) but alas, you haven't.  If it doesn't belong in your mouth, it goes in.  Sticks, grass, hair, random pieces of paper, toys, hair bows, shoes, your clothes, sand, dog toys, you get the idea...  

Good thing you're cute.

Girl, you wear me out.  While your sister is calmly playing with toys in the next room, you are trying to see how many times you can push the laundry basket down the hallway, or trying to lick every shoe in the shoe pile, or pushing every.single.button you can find in the  And as soon as I catch you doing something you shouldn't you squeal and start running away from me!!  Little Stinker.

Did I mention how cute you are?

Perhaps all your busyness is the reason you're still a rockstar sleeper.  2+ hour naps and 12+ hours at night.  Praise Jesus.  

Your eating is hit or miss.  Some days you don't want to eat anything and other days you don't stop eating.  You've discovered guacamole this month and, well, I'll just let the pictures speak for themselves...

You and your sister have been enjoying lots of "pop pops" this month too.  Spring is here!


But as big of a challenge as you are, I just love you that much more.  You are sweet, loving, and a mama's girl.  You always want me to hold you.  You bring daddy and I so much joy.  We are constantly laughing and smiling at your silliness and just standing in awe at how different you are than Hailey.  Even so, you try to do everything that she does.  You guys are best buddies.

Now for the recent fun stuff!

Trip to Chicago to visit Aunt Leslie and Uncle David!

Road trip snooze!

Uncle David trying out the baby carrier!
HUGE slide!


The next weekend was mommy's birthday!

Play date at the Discovery Room at the zoo

Up to no good.

Miscellaneous Cuteness!
A very rare moment I caught you playing with actual toys.

Yeah... I'm afraid to go checkout too....

Love you bunches, Sweet Girl!


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