Sunday, January 23, 2011

It's a...............


Haha.  We don't find out the sex until Tuesday, however I did hit 20 weeks yesterday!  And 20 weeks is the halfway mark!  Whohooo!!!!  It also marks the beginning of the baby being measured from head to toe rather than head to bottom.  That means our baby is approx 10 inches long now, the approximate size of a banana!  And when you consider that a baby is approx 20 inches at birth, I think that it's pretty big!

In addition to being approximatley 10 inches long, the baby also weighs approx 10.5 ounces.  Soon we'll have a 1-pounder on our hands! 

I have still been feeling good, so I'm thankful for that.  And maybe I'm just getting used to it, but I really don't feel like I've gotten much bigger in the past few weeks.  So I'll be happy for our appointment when we (hopefully) find out that everything is progressing nicely!  I haven't had an ultrasound since the first one at 7 weeks, so it's going to be crazy to see all those little arms and legs moving around!

Last weekend my sister came in town and we had a girls day with my mom doing lots of baby stuff while Rian and my dad worked on our basement.  We started my registry at Babies R Us which was so much fun!  I'm also starting to brainstorm nursery ideas.  Once we know the sex, I will surely start buying things like crazy!

While my sister, mom & I shopped, Rian and my dad were hard at work painting the basement and tackling the 'piano project'.  Readers Digest version: when we bought our house, the seller 'let us' keep the old player piano that was in the basement.  It didn't work properly, and after a few appraisals we learned that it wasn't worth much.  So we thought "no big deal, we'll just get rid of it."  Well, turns out, the previous owner basically finished the basement around this piano, meaning there was no way for it to exit the basement in one piece!  Rian and my dad have been hacking away at it for months now (and using the wood for firewood, hence the bonfire photo below), but there was a 300 pound metal soundboard attached to the back still hindering them from getting it up the basement stairs.  Well after lots of work (and lots of noise!), they finally broke it free and hauled it off to the scrap metal place, earning us a whopping $37!  

Basement - Before Paint:

Basement - After Paint:

Piano..... before:



Celebrate :)

Yesterday we chose a carpet sample, so we are on our way to getting this project checked off the list!

Well... I'll be posting sometime this week with the big news on the gender of the baby (if you don't catch it on Facebook first)!  Care to place your bets??

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  1. I love reading your posts. Even though I already know all the info I still love reading it! Looking forward to your next post and seeing the new pictures.