Thursday, May 9, 2013

23 Months Old

Well, here we are.  1 month away from two whole years old!  Time is flying whether I like it or not, so I'm trying hard to embrace every moment and cherish her sweetness {while it lasts! ha!}.  I have noticed subtle changes in H over the past month, mostly having to do with her communication skills.  She is talking SO much. She is saying absolutely everything!!  And maybe it's because I'm around her 24/7, but I actually understand most of what she is trying to say.  It's really fun to be able to converse with her - she is my best buddy! 

We have been so busy around here this past month.  Since my last post, we put our house on the market (which involved some serious cleaning, staging, and "hiding of crap" on my part), it sold in ONE day, we looked at a bunch of houses, bought a new house, got all the inspections done, started packing, AND I turned 30!  Oh, and I'm pregnant!  Which I hardly remembered at all the past month!  But no worries, I had my 16 week checkup a couple days ago and all is well with Pumpkin. 

Sadly I can't really come up with "things she says" this month because she says basically everything.  But let's see if I can come up with a list of current stats:
  • She is easing up a little on her picky eating.  She will eat cheese again, and she will eat apples and bananas again.  However now she rarely eats yogurt or applesauce which were her main staples a few months ago.  OH and how can I forget "jell bread"!?  The girl is obsessed with jelly bread.  It's all she asks for at every meal, and she has been known to have up to 3 pieces at a meal or two...  at least I buy whole wheat bread!
  • She has become obsessed with playing outside.  She just hangs out by the back door asking to go "outfide" practically all day long.  It's hard for her to understand when I tell her we can't go outside because it's raining, which has prompted a few tantrums lately!  However when the weather is clear, she loves to play on the small slide we have, pick "fowers", draw with chalk (always asking mommy to "draw hearts!?"), and climb up to the top of our backyard hill all by herself then proudly boast "I DID IT!" with a huge smile on her face.  Melts my heart :)
  • The swings.  OH, the swings.  We have been to many-a-park in the past month and ALL she wants to do there is "fwing".  I think our longest swing sesh was about 40 mins non-stop.   She seriously can't get enough.  I always say, "do you want to go on the slide?", and she says "No, I sorry, I FWING!"  And so we keep swinging... 
  • For the past few days we have been successful with one nap (approx 12:30-2pm) and 7:45pm-6am night sleep.  Knock on wood that this continues! 
  • She still loves to watch Clifford and Mickey, with a rare Barney thrown in every once in a while. I wish she liked Sesame Street as much as I do... is that weird?
  • She can correctly name a heart, star, and circle, and can name most numbers between 1 and 10... just never in the correct order :) 
And now for everyone's favorite part, Hailey's 23rd month in pictures AND video!
Arts & Crafts:
Rainy day means no chalk outside, so we played with chalk inside instead!
Play Doh :)
She loves to have me draw shapes and then she colors inside of them
Backyard Fun:

Ready for a ride in Papa's {old, rusty} wagon!
She planted herself in the middle of this bush and kept saying "oh no, stuck on trees!!!"
Visit with Great Grandma
Picking wildflowers for great grandma
Mommy is 30!
Wagon ride on mommy's birthday!
30th bday lunch at Diablitos Cantina
Parks, Parks & More Parks!

Who gave her permission to grow up??

Milk & Cookie break at Break Co in between house hunting!
Our adorable little starter home... sold :(

Only the cool babies get to watch their cartoons ON the coffee table :)


And now for 2 cute videos of Hailey doing the "hot dog dance" which comes on at the end of every episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  I couldn't pick my favorite so I put them both on!  Enjoy!

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