Monday, June 24, 2013

5 Months Pregnant

5 months down, 4 months to go!  That is scary.  In 17 weeks or less I'm going to have 2 children.  TWO children.  Eek!
Right now, baby is around 11-12 inches long and weighs about 1 pound.  I'm currently 23 weeks along, and at our 20 week appointment we found out that baby #2 is a GIRL!  Another healthy, beautiful baby girl :)  I am so happy that my girls will get to grow up to be best friends just like me and my sister are. 
Here are the best shots from our 20 week ultrasound:

We have been super duper busy around here lately and this month flew by.  The biggest change I've noticed is that Baby Girl is moving so much lately!  I feel her move pretty much all day long.  It's the most awesome feeling in the world.  I have no cravings and overall I feel really good.  There has only been one day so far that I've noticed swelling in my feet & ankles and that was after a long day of unpacking and working on the new house.  Hopefully the swelling stays at bay a little longer.  I've started to really concentrate on eating healthy and getting exercise.  I even bought a pregnancy workout DVD!  Weight gain currently stands at 18 pounds.  Praying for just 1 pound per week from here on out.....  

Change since last month:

At Hailey's 2nd birthday party we decided to do a gender reveal for our families.  Rian and I knew the gender beforehand so we went to Party City and got a giant balloon and filled it with pretty pink confetti and feathers and popped it in front of all our families and friends.  It was so much fun and a moment I'll never forget!

The next month is pretty calm around here, so we are going to work hard on getting the girls' rooms ready.  Lots to do there... Hailey's baby furniture will go to the baby's room, Hailey will get a big girl bed, and both rooms need to be painted and decorated.  It's kind of fun to plan the colors and themes for the rooms!  Hailey's room is going to have aqua walls to match the bright colored comforter I ordered for her bed.  And I want to do white furniture in there.  Pretty sure we're going traditional in baby's room with light pink walls and Hailey's dark wood furniture.  Color scheme in there will be light pink and navy blue with giraffes!  Something like this:
I'm really excited to get started and see how the rooms turn out.  Stay tuned!

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