Saturday, July 6, 2013

Hailey's 2nd Birthday

Dear Hailey,

June 9, 2013, was such a special day.  We had only been living in our new house for 5 days but we still managed to put together a fun day for you and our families.

We started the day by going into your room first thing in the morning and singing you Happy Birthday.  Well, you HATED it!  You dropped down to your knees crying for us to stop!

Next we enjoyed a birthday breakfast of Dunkin Donuts and coffee and attempted to sing you Happy Birthday again.  You hated it just as much the second time!

Here you are with your "birthday boon"

"Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you"........

Finally you got to dig in!! 

Then we got you dressed in your super cute "2" shirt and got ready to open presents!  You received so many thoughtful and special gifts, and you did so well with opening them all on your own (with a little help from cousin Collin!)  After each gift you would say "Oh my!" and get a big smile on your face.

Grandma Peggy & Grandpa Mike got you a beautiful table & chairs set!

You said "Minnie, open your mouf!"

Then we packed everyone up and headed to the Botanical Gardens.  You fell asleep in the car but woke up soon after we got there - you weren't about to miss any birthday fun!

Come on everybody!!!

We went home, let you take a nap and then you played outside with your fun, new water table from Aunt Missy!  You also got very excited when I got out your special birthday hat!  You didn't want to take it off the rest of the day!

A little birthday snack of leftover donuts :)
While dinner was cooking, you gave us a fashion show of all your adorable new outfits from Grandma Peggy.  And you tried to sneak a taste of your cake!

Then it was time for dinner & birthday cake.  As usual, you only ate the applesauce and shunned everything else on your plate. 

We tried the Happy Birthday song again (for the third time that day) and you still hated it.

But you were happy as soon as you were able to dig in!  And by "dig in" I mean slowly pick at all the candy pieces and eat them one by one!

We attempted to get a family pic but you really didn't want to put down your "birthday boon" so this is the best we got.  Someday you'll back at this and tell us how young we look!  ;)

I'll leave you with this super cute and funny video of you eating your cake.  Love you baby girl!

 (Here is the link in case the video doesn't work)

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