Tuesday, July 9, 2013

2 Years + 1 Month

So, I've been contemplating what to do with the blog now that Hailey is 2.  I still want to blog... I just want to spice it up a little bit.  After this month, I think I'm going to start doing themed posts whenever something comes up (ex: trips, holidays, milestones, funny moments) as opposed to just posting on the 9th of every month.  But no worries, there will still be plenty of pictures! Until then... I give you "the first month of Hailey's 3rd year".

It's hard to believe we've been in the new house for a month now.  I'm feeling more settled... even though there are still lots of boxes laying around.  We did finally paint Hailey's big girl room a few days ago, so I'm glad to get things rolling upstairs.  After Hailey's room is finished, we'll do baby sister's room, and then the girls' bathroom, and then it will most likely be time for the baby to be born!  Yikes. I'm totally not ready.

Anyhoo, the only change I've noticed in Hailey in the past month is that she is FINALLY taking 2 hour naps.  I have been waiting MONTHS for this!  Oddly enough, she is also sleeping later in the mornings (6:30 or 7am!).  Not sure how or why she is sleeping more lately, but I'm certainly not complaining!  Perhaps it's a growth spurt.

Also, I am so glad I take a lot of pictures, because otherwise there is no way I would remember everything we do each day!  Here is Hailey's 25th month in pictures (excluding the 4th of July - I will make that my first themed post!)

On the carousel at the zoo! 
Just havin' a fruit pouch while sittin' on a frog!
Hailey's first sip of soda!
Tea party with daddy :)
On a walk around our new neighborhood!
Hailey is mommy's little helper these days.  She loves to help me unload the groceries, cook, and do the laundry!

Smiles in the "see box"
Morning at Bee Tree
Sweet little summertime setup on the deck

Favorite.  Picture.  Ever.

Hailey was such a good girl this day I just had to get her some "Eye keem"!

Saturday morning at Tower Grove farmer's market

No hands!!
Livin' the dream of a 2 year old: grapes, milk & Dora

Chowin' down on a homemade popsicle after a busy hot day!
At the pool in Jeff City!

Rock concert!

Kisses for Keaton!


Magic House
She was so sweet with this little baby.  She was stroking his head, rocking him, and singing him a sweet little lullaby :)

She loves to paint!

Coloring at the Botanical Gardens waiting for the music to start!
Relaxing :)
At the City Garden

Visiting daddy at work!

Maybe mommy needs to look into gymnastics............

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