Wednesday, July 17, 2013

4th of July

It's hard to believe Hailey has already had THREE 4th of July's!  I have a "thing" for time-lapse photos so here is a series for you... crazy!  
We had a fun, low-key day with family.  We stayed home and played in the morning and then went to get some fireworks.  After nap, we headed over to Grandma & Grandpa Garcia's house where Hailey had fun (as usual) playing with her cousins!  We let her stay up way past her bedtime so she could see her daddy's fireworks "show" :)  And she was anything but afraid of the noise!  And she LOVED doing sparklers.  She did about 20!  Here are some cute pics from the day:

Failed attempt at a cousin pic..

With Great Grandma & Grandpa!

Sorry, Hail, the headpiece was Grandpa's idea.......
Watching daddy do fireworks

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