Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Mommy's Little Helper

Hailey Rian is now 26 months old and is testing out her independence.  She wants to help me with everything I do or try to do it herself.  It is so, so sweet!  She frequently says "My try!"  or "I do it!" or "My turn!!"  Here are some of my favorite pics of my sweet little helper:

She LOVES helping me switch the laundry from washer to dryer, especially slamming the door when we're done- "bam!!"

Whenever we're at a store she is always ready to "checkout?!"  And she helps me put the items onto the belt.  Her favorite part, though, is the little pen on the debit/credit card machine.  "Write my name" she says, as she scribbles on the pad and pushes buttons she shouldn't be pushing :)

Hailey LOVES to help me cook and bake.  Whenever I ask if she wants to help me make something she says, "where's my scooper??" (meaning measuring cup). 
"Make smoovie?! (smoothie)"  "Put booh-ries (berries) in there!?"  "I push button!"
She loves getting Bucky his food.  No matter if his bowl is empty or not, whenever she walks by his dish she says, "uh oh! needs more! I do it"

She also loves to throw away any trash she sees, brush her own hair, pick out her own milk cup, buckle her own car seat and booster seat straps, and brush her own teeth.  It is so fun to watch her grow up, and it's nice to have a little assistant always willing to help!  Love you so much baby girl :)

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