Monday, July 6, 2015

20 Months Old

So I just realized it's been well over 2 weeks since you turned 20 months old, aaaand mama here is just now getting around to blogging about it.  Sorry lady, this summer has been nuts so far!  But you are as precious as ever, even though you are developing quite the temper!

I'll just sum up your 20th month in pictures... enjoy!

You & sissy love playing dollhouse together... for about 10 minutes... and then you start throwing things and Hailey gets really angry!
What!?  I'm totally not about to chew on this duck.
Just kidding.
Noh!? (nose)
Deeeee (cheese)
Cutie pie ready for a day of errands with mom!
Dress up!
Cousin chill time
You had to get in sissy's birthday picture.  Deeeeee!
That face.
THAT face :)
Kirkwood park on Hailey's birthday

Post-nap snacks
Helping yourself to Hailey's birthday cake
Cousins at the zoo for Collin's birthday - waiting to see the polar bear!

Selfies on the zoo train
Cousins at Hailey & Collin's birthday party!
One of those sweet, quiet {short-lived} moments

Car ride home from Jefferson City, with your beloved Caillou doll

Selfies with mommy at the Father's Day BBQ
Love you baby girl!  

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