Wednesday, August 5, 2015

21 Months Old

Sweet Baby Girl,

Once again I'm about 2 weeks late on blogging your sweet life.  Just as I said last month, things have been wild and crazy around here!  As you'll see from this month's photos, we've been all around Missouri this month.  Branson, Jeff City, and Lake of the Ozarks!  You've been a pretty easy going gal with all the traveling; you still sleep great no matter where we put you (I think this month the 2 strangest places for your pack n play were a hotel closet and a laundry room), but you do great nonetheless.  Your eating has gotten pretty finicky, and all the traveling hasn't helped.  But I have discovered that you have a true love for french fries and all things "dip"!  Ketchup, salsa, hummus, cream cheese, peanut butter, syrup, honey, you name it.  Hailey NEVER liked dips - and this make sense now, because she still hates any foods that touch!  You love your "mahkies" (milk) and "appa doo" or "babba doo" (apple juice).  You do not like bread of any sort (no muffins, toast, waffles, pancakes, or pbj) - you just lick off the topping then toss the bread aside.  Luckily you still scarf down your green smoothies, or else I'm not sure where your quality nutrition would be coming from these days!

You can be sweet as pie but you can also get pretty angry.  A recent favorite of yours has been "NO! MINE!".  You also demand things of me like "Nee Nuh!" (stand up!) and "Ehh go!!" (let go!).  "Uppa!?" (up) and "Wuh dow!" (want down) are also daily demands.  Is it a second child thing?  I'm not sure but I do know we're going to have a trickier time with discipline with you than we did with your easy-going sister.  

On the contrary, you are quite the cuddler.  You love to snuggle with me and you ALWAYS want me to hold you.  And if I can't hold you for whatever reason, you collapse to the ground in tears.  The moments before bed are the sweetest and my absolute favorite.  Without prompting you always tell me "nigh nigh mama, I you mama".  "I you" is your I Love You.  My heart melts to a puddle every time I hear it.  

Sweet yet Sassy is how I'd sum you up, and although you challenge me, I love it and I'm proud to be your mommy.  You're darling, hilarious, love to dance, and you follow your sister around the house and copy her every move all day long.  You love to cuddle with her and watch your shows together (Caillou by far and wide is your favorite show at the moment).  And you hug and kiss her before bed every night and say "nigh nigh sissy!".  

Now for June 22 - July 22 in photos.  Enjoy!


Ready for the pool!

making yourself comfy in the hotel!

Back at home!

4th of July bike ride with mommy & daddy!
4th of July swim party

Just causin' trouble while your big sissies were in dance class
Clearly enjoying her special treat!  Cookie at the mall :)
Silly girls
 Lake of the Ozarks:
You much preferred to be outside the pool than in it
Cousins ready for a day on the boat!

Mommy's favorite girls!

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