Monday, August 31, 2015

22 Months Old

It really can't be possible that she's almost 2.  

In my opinion, she still looks and acts like she's so much younger.  

Although as the days pass, I'm understanding her more and more.  She gibber gabbers all day long and has lengthy conversations with herself, but every so often I'll be able to make something out.... like now she says "watch me mommy!" or "wook at me!" then does a little twirl (I'll give you one guess who taught her that).

She answers most of my questions with "yes, mommy!" / "ok mommy!"/ "thank you mommy"/ or "I sorry mommy!"  

She proceeds most things with "I need": 
I need mahkies (milk)!  
I need beebee (baby)!  
I need Daillou (Caillou)!! 

And my favorite: "Mooommmmmyyy... wherreee areee youuuu!?"  Long and drawn out and high pitched and the most precious thing you've ever heard.

And then there's this adorable-ness:

She loves to dress up.....

She loves to play with her sissy...

She loves to play in the cabinets....

She loves to eat hummus with her hands...

She loves to cuddle...

And she loves to build tall towers then pose and say "TA-DA!!!"

She enjoys special treats while grocery shopping...

And she loves to dance and do sassy poses!

Contrary to the looks of this picture, she actually did not enjoy playing in water very much this summer.  She fussed whenever she was in a pool and wanted to leave splash pads after 5 minutes.

Addie's great grandma Mary celebrated her birthday a few weeks ago and the 4 great grandkids made her a special card and present.  Grandma Mary was go grateful.  

Addie's love of eating has disappeared.  She doesn't have much interest in food whatsoever... unless we're having ice cream for dinner!

I take that back.  She loves pretzels... or "basso's" as she calls them.

Her energy is off the charts these days and so is her personality.  She is hilarious.  So silly.   Goofy.  Always laughing at her own jokes.  And even though she's also decided to stop being our awesome sleeper, we still love her to bits and enjoy each second with her.

Happy 22 Months, Addie Bug!


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